Actionable Agile Metrics for Predictability

Daniel Vacanti

Actually Using Haskell!

Ashic Mahtab

Advanced Kotlin

Christina Lee

Adventures in Angular

Aysegul Yonet

Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions

Brian Christian

An Exploratory Tester's lessons on Security Threat Modeling

Maaret Pyhäjärvi

Ant paths and Strindberg's elevator – leadership and value in an age of change

Johan Öbrink

App Architecture for the Subway

Ben Oberkfell

Azure Logic Apps – Cloud-Powered Duct Tape For The Enterprise

Josh Lane

Building fast and efficient microservices with binary protocol - an introduction to gRPC

Ray Tsang

Challenges of an open source operating system

Jessica Hummel

Continuous delivery with Azure Web Apps

Vidar Kongsli

Conversational UIs: Talking to Siri, Alexa, and Your Web Browser

Scott Davis

Cutting the Gordian Knot of Technological Unemployment

Scott Santens

Deep Learning for Developers

Ali Kheyrollahi

Deploy microservices with Certainty

Alex Soto

Don't let apps be siloed - linking app experiences across Windows, iOS and Android with Project Rome

Andy Wigley

Ethereum blockchain technology

Christoph Jentzsch

Finally, JavaScript Is Easy!

Geertjan Wielenga

Finding joy in programming

Sean Grove

Fraud detection without labeled data

Pete Hunt

From iOS- to Vapor developer; my experiences after working with server-side Swift in production for 6 months

Steffen Damtoft Sommer

From Monolith to microservices and back : The Self Contained Systems

Rudy De Busscher

From Promises over Generators to async/await in node.js

Benjamin August

Functional Libraries for Java 8 and 9

Rabea Gransberger

GenStage by Example

Claudio Ortolina

Going Reactive With Spring Data

Christoph Strobl

Hardware and the Web - Strategies for Making Magic

Suz Hinton

High Performance via Psychological Safety

Joshua Kerievsky

HoloLens 301: Advanced Mixed Reality Development and Best Practices

Rene Schulte

How do we make code fun and more intuitive?

Ramón Soto Mathiesen

How to Design Intuitive Mobile Apps using Machine Input

Parimala Hariprasad

How to get people to use your open-source project

Pete Hunt

How to not shoot yourself in the foot with estimation

Neil Killick

How to Train Your HiPPO: (Highest Paid Person's Opinion)

Joshua Arnold

I just hacked your app!

Marcos Placona

It's Time for Web Components

Scott Davis

IT takes two to dance the IT tango

Mark Smalley

Kill DevOps

Mark Smalley

Leveraging Machine Learning APIs to Write Better Software

Suz Hinton

Light Up Your App with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Daren May

Lucasfilm Games and the rise of LucasArts

Noah Falstein

Measure. Layout. Draw. Repeat: Custom Views and ViewGroups

Huyen Tue Dao

Micro­service Websites

Gustaf Nilsson Kotte

Migrating to Java 9 Modules

Sander Mak

Migrating to Microservice Databases: From Relational Monolith to Distributed Data

Edson Yanaga

Modern Agile

Joshua Kerievsky

Monitoring for everyone

Carl Bergquist

Moving Bug Prevention into the Interpersonal Space

Georgiana Levinta

Pony - A Language for Provably Safe Lockless Concurrency

Joe McIlvain

Practical Elixir Flow

Claudio Ortolina

Practical universal apps in functional JavaScript

Gleb Bahmutov

Predictable Agile Delivery - Forecast, Tracking and Reports

Johan Brodin

Product Thinking For Internal Teams

John Cutler

Progressive Web Apps - bridging the gap between user and publisher

Christian Heilmann

Prototype Everything

Niels van Hoorn

Quantum Computers and Where to Hide from Them

Nicholas Doiron

Real world implementation of Template 10

Carsten Schuette

Recruitment starts at the firewall

Johan Öbrink

Reducing the fear of go-live

Nicola Owen

Resource overlays

Mårten Kongstad

ReST 3.0 – A lap around HTTP Apis' next generation

Sebastien Lambla

Rust in Production

Steve Klabnik

Rxjs - a better async

Christoffer Noring

Secure your APIs using OAuth2 and OpenID Connect

Travis Spencer

Simple Mobile Authentication with Firebase

Samuel Stern

Software & storytelling, programming & play

Linda Liukas

Supercharging Android Apps with Tensorflow

Mohamed Taieb

Talk to the bot cause the hand ain’t listening

Jimmy Engström

Task processing, APIs, and Big Data and in JavaScript: actionhero.js

Pratik Patel

Telling Stories with Data Visualization

Chris Keathley

Tensorflow, Tensorflow, What is it that you see?

Ashic Mahtab

The DAO - its history as well as lessons learned

Christoph Jentzsch

The Dark Arts - Hacking tools

Niall Merrigan

The Earth is Flat: Exploring the Limits of Science

Bartosz Milewski

The five keys to successful problem-solving

Marcus Degerman

The Reality of Testing in an Artificial World

Angie Jones

The Real, the Virtual, and the Cortex

Noah Falstein

The ultimate ZX Spectrum talk

Marco Cecconi

Thinking in Events

Mathew McLoughlin

Treat your employees as customers

Vadim Feldman

Type-safe meta programming in Swift? Lets talk about Sourcery.

Krzysztof Zabłocki

Using Docker for Testing Legacy Code

Alex Soto

UX in the 3rd Dimension

Jessica Engström

Vavr in Action

Iván López

Web Development To Big Data: A Journey

Sam Elamin

WebVR - Why, Wow & How?

Martin Splitt

What is AI? Can computers become intelligent through playing games?

Julian Togelius

When, why and how to CQRS

Sebastian Daschner

Which Tests Should We Automate?

Angie Jones

Why scaled agile frameworks exist and why you don't need them

Neil Killick

Windows 10 UWP Composition and Animation

Daren May

Writing Apps For Mars!

Kurt Leucht

You Deserve Nice Things

Soroush Khanlou

(Deep) Neural networks through evolution

Julian Togelius